Responsibilities of the Appraisal Review Board

An Appraisal Review Board (ARB) is a group of private citizens authorized to resolve disputes between taxpayers and the Appraisal District.  ARB members are appointed by the Local Administrative District Judge for two-year or one-year terms.  An ARB fulfills a vital and integral function in the property tax system.  The U.S. Constitution provides that no person’s property may be harmed or affected by governmental action unless due process is provided to the person affected by the action.  In the context of taxation, Texas courts have held that due process affords taxpayers in a right to be heard before final assessment.  In the context of property tax, ARB provides taxpayers that right.


To serve on the ARB, you must live in Fort Bend County for at least two (2) years.  There is no special qualifications; however, anyone who is a former member of the governing body or officer or employee of a taxing unit, or is a former director, officer, or employee of the Appraisal District is ineligible to serve.  In addition, no one can serve on the ARB if an immediate family member works as professional tax agents or tax appraisers within the Appraisal District.  There is mandatory ARB  training given by The Comptroller’s Office each year in early March.  ARB members must complete the state related course before participating in ARB hearings.

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Appraisal Review Board (ARB) Ethics Statement

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Appraisal Review Board History
Independence of the ARB

When it enacted the Tax Code, the Texas Legislature created appraisal districts and ARB’s as separate entities. Texas courts have recognized this legislative separation-directly acknowledging that the appraisal district and the ARB are “separate and distinct bodies.” Although ARB members must use staff of the appraisal office for clerical assistance, the ARB maintains an independence from the appraisal district staff, including board of directors and the chief appraiser.

ARBs are appointed to act independently of the appraisal district and to make fair and impartial determinations.

Contact Information
Fort Bend Appraisal Review Board
c/o Fort Bend Central Appraisal District
2801 B. F. Terry Blvd.
Rosenberg, TX  77471

ARB Information  

Formal Hearing Procedures

How to Present Your Case at an ARB Hearing: A Homeowner’s Guide

How to Present Your Case at an ARB Hearing for Small Businesses

Taking your Case to Binding Arbitration

ARB Forms

Property Taxpayer Remedies (96-295)

Notice of Property Tax Protest (50-132) 

Withdrawal of Protest 

Property Owners Affidavit of Evidence to the Appraisal Review Board (50-283)

Waiver of 15 day Notice of Protest Hearing 


Property Tax Binding Arbitration for Property Owners FAQ 

Frequently Asked Questions About Appraisal Review Board Duties

Postponement Request

All postponement request must be submitted in writing, prior to the initial hearing date.

If you’d like to request a postponement via please do so by clicking Help, Contact Us, then click “Continue”

Please provide a date and/or time that you would like to be scheduled to as this will be your 1 allowable postponement without cause.  The scheduling staff will try to accommodate your request as best possible if the ARB schedule permits. 

The Scheduling staff will not contact you by phone but will send you a rescheduled hearing notice by mail.  Due to the high demand of reschedules, you may not receive your rescheduled hearing notice for 7-10 days after your request has been received.


A property owner who has not designated an agent under Section 1.111 to represent them at the hearing is

entitled to one postponement of the scheduled hearing to a later date, without having to show cause.

In addition and without limitation as to the number of postponements, the ARB shall postpone the hearing

to a later date if good cause is shown by the property owner or the owner’s agent or if the chief appraiser

consents to the postponement. The hearing may not be postponed to a date less than five or more than 30

days unless agreed to by the chief appraiser and the ARB chairman or his representative.